GLISTEN (formerly GLYSSN): a project for same-sex attracted and gender diverse young people in St George & Sutherland

GLISTEN project aims to support young people under 25 through group support/workshops, individual support, delivering community education to address homophobia and discrimination, and worker training.  Glisten has produced a film made by and for young people, as well as several reports about the needs for young people.

GLISTEN is currently looking for future funding as Health is no longer able to fund it. If you have any ideas about where funding can be obtained please email    

In the meantime, St George Youth Services is in partnership with Kogarah Community Centre  to keep running workshops and group meetings for young people.

GLISTEN Groups run FIRST Monday of every month (2016)

Contact Nadia or the office to register, or if you would like more info.

Office phone number 02-9556 1769 ; Email-

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