Community Development

Community Development Projects

St George Youth Services also runs community development projects (to build the community’s strength) based on local needs and issues.  Current projects are:


  • ‘Youth Respecting Cultural Connections’ where young people themselves will provide community harmony and anti-racism training to their peers in schools.  A video infomercial will also be coming up.  Contact us if you would like to become a youth leader for this project on
  • St George Youth Leaders committee: is a passionate group of young people who advise the service and take action on local issues that affect them (see flyer at the bottom of this page)
  • ‘Driver Distraction’: young people have been trained as peer educators and go into about 30 different schools across St George and Sutherland as part of the U-turn the Wheel project for young driver safety, to educate their peers to minimise distractions while driving
  • Schools Youth Worker: a qualified worker is based in schools to support students for their welfare needs
  • Advocacy projects– where the Service represents local issues/needs to government, media and the wider community.  One example is establishing and involvement in the NSW Multicultural Youth Affairs Network (MYAN)


Some of the past projects have included:

  • St George/Sutherland Anti-Racism Project – where Youth Leaders were trained to provide a rangeof community harmony campaigns and education within the community, including through a ‘Flashmob, Magazine, social marketing resources and workshops.
  • St George Responsible Drinking Campaign– an educational strategy to inform young people and Clubs staff about the effects of the misuse of alcohol.
  • Training– for other services and youth consumers e.g. cultural diversity training

Youth Events and Festivals

We participate and coordinate events like Youth Week and Arncliffe Youth Space based on current needs. Such events provide young people with a chance to organise their own events, learn new skills and discuss local issues.

SYS Resources, Information and consultancy

SYS has the following type of resources, which can be used by other services: a resource video kit “Girl Power”for improving access to services for young women from diverse cultures; local youth service directories and other databases.

SYS can also be contracted for consultancy work in schools or for other services eg. Leadership training

Anti Racism Youth Magazine 

St George Youth Services have been promoting anti-racism & anti-racist violence for many years as part of its Community Development projects. The latest initiative is an Anti Racism Youth Magazine titled “We All Smile in the Same Language”which was created BY young people FOR young people in the St George & Sutherland areas.

The magazine is a future educational resource for schools, youth & community organisations that promotes the message of community harmony, acceptance & respect.

Copies of the magazine are still being distributed to schools & youth services in the St George & Sutherland areas.

If you would like copies of the magazine or more information, please contact Nicole on 9556 1769 or email


Click here for front cover of magazine


Click here for the Youth Leaders Committee flyer