NSW Service

This service is based in Sydney, NSW. It is not associated with Queensland St George Youth Service. To visit the Queensland website click here.



St George Reconnect Youth & Family Service                                               

Reconnect helps young people (aged 12-18) in St George from all cultures who are having problems at home, or who are at risk of becoming homeless, to stay in touch with family, work, school, training and the community. Reconnect provides practical & emotional support (casework), problem solving (short term counselling to identify issues, and mediation) and group work/workshops e.g. parenting support groups or life skills groups for young people. Qualified workers can travel to meet you. 


One of the main group activities that Reconnect provides is 'Talk About It'. This is an interactive workshop to discuss issues that may affect young people. It starts off with a DVD 'informercial' made by young people, and encourages young people to seek support early for any potential problems they may have. 


 Links to Learning                                        

Links to Learning supports young people having difficulties at school. It’s called Creative Links because we make the learning fun through cultural & arts activities! Young people who are in year 9 & 10 at school in St George (& who are from culturally diverse backgrounds) can participate. 

READY Project                                                                            

READY provides information & referral for young people and their families who need support with alcohol/other drug issues, & also education in the community for drug/health related issues.

Helping Hand

The Helping Hand project assists people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, aged 16 and over, AND who are living in or have links to the St George areas and Sutherland Shire.  

Health Projects

Health Projects provided include the following free services to any young person aged under 25:

UpZone (UZ) Youth Health Clinic

St George Youth Services is on the partner services making this Clinic happen. The UZ Clinic at Hurstville has free & confidential services available to young people (aged up to 25 years). Services include youth-friendly doctors, sexual health, alcohol & other drugs, mental health services and counselling – all under one roof. No appointment necessary.

Check out the Upzone webpage for more info below: http://www.upzoneyouthhealth.com.au

Health Education

A project where young people (aged 18yrs and over) are trained up as Peer Educators who then educate & conduct outreach to their peers on health issues e.g. sexual health, AOD, cultural & sexual diversity. To date they have assisted at such events as St George TAFE, Hurzi Mix Youth Week, & meet weekly to conduct outreach at various venues/sites in the St George area.

Community Projects

A range of community development projects are run, such as St George /Sutherland Anti-racism project. Youth Leaders have been trained to run educational workshops addressing racism and community harmony with their peers.

Latest project: New anti-racism youth magazine 'We all Smile in the Same Language' produced by and for young people has just been launched!! Contact communityprojects@stgeorgeyouth.org if you are a school, young person or family member who would like to get copies! 

SGYS also has Youth Leaders Committee is a voluntary group of passionate young people who meet regularly to give advice to St George Youth Services about local youth services and issues affecting young people aged 12-25.



Creative Links, READY, Helping Hand and Health Projects are funded by the State Government. Other services are funded by Local Councils, Clubs & donations.