Reconnect Youth & Family Service


Reconnect helps young people (aged 12-18) in St George from all cultures who are having problems at home, or who are at risk of becoming homeless, to stay in touch with family, work, school, training and the community. Reconnect provides practical & emotional support (case management and counselling), problem solving, mediation and group work/workshops e.g. parenting support groups or life skills groups for young people. Qualified workers can travel to meet you.

One activity that Reconnect provides is ‘Talk About It’. This is an interactive workshop to discuss issues that may affect young people. It starts off with a DVD ‘informercial’ made by young people, and encourages young people to seek support early for any potential problems they may have.

Step-Up! Project

Step Up! supports students in year 6 and at Intensive English Centre through an interactive group activity program that will provide students with educational, employment and life skills outcomes.  It focuses students who are from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds from 6 partner schools.

READY Youth Drug Support

READY provides information, support and counselling for young people and their families who need support with alcohol/other drug issues, & also education in the community for drug/health related issues eg. workshops at over 30 high schools across the region.

Helping Hand

The Helping Hand project provides complementary assistance to people of any age who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in St George & Suthelrand.  The Project also undertakes Community Development work to strenghten the local support service system.

Community Development Projects

A range of community development projects are run, such as Youth Respecting Cultural Connections project addressing community harmony and anti-racism. New Youth Leaders are trained to run educational workshops addressing racism and community harmony with their peers.

New Youth Leaders wanted: If you are passionate about Anti-racism and community harmony, and you live, work or study in Sutherland or St George, and would like to apply to be a Youth Leader, please contact or phone us on 95561769.

Driver Safety: A dedicated group of young people visit over 30 schools in the region to deliver an educational workshop on Driver Distraction for senior students.

The service also has a Youth Leaders Committee– a voluntary group of passionate young people who meet regularly to give advice to St George Youth Services, and take action, about local youth services and issues affecting young people aged 12-25.

Health Projects

Health Projects provide Education for young people aged under 25, by young people themselves, who are trained as Peer Educators. Peer Educators provide information on health issues such as sexual health and alcohol and other drugs

Transition to Work

This is our newest addition to our suite of services! The service has been acknowledged and recently awarded a grant by the Federal government to provide intensive pre-employment support to young people aged 15-21 so that they can engage with education and employment. More info coming soon!

Projects are funded by varous ways: Federal & State Government, Local Councils Councils, Clubs & donations.


This service is based in Sydney, NSW. It is not associated with Queensland St George Youth Service. To visit the Queensland website click here.